Patient Testimonials

I would highly recommend and Mr Carton as a surgeon. I was at an all time low when I attended his clinic after going around in circles for the previous 18 months and getting different diagnosis from everyone I went to. He was able to diagnose my condition within minutes of meeting me, after carrying out all the required diagnostics -- x-rays, MRI, etc. I had been unable to walk for over a year when I met Mr Carton and less than 4 months after my first appointment I was fully functional again -- Mentally and physically -- The rehab programme was clear and concise with no room for human errors/doing exercises incorrectly. His team of physios provided the best of advice to help you along the way -- Entirely grateful for getting my life back!!!

M.K-R. - 5years following Right hip arthroscopy (April 2024)

Delighted with the care I got

D.S. – 5 years following RIGHT hip arthroscopy (April 2024)

Learned how to swim, learning how to coach rugby. If I didn't get the surgery the issue would have been ignored and I'd find myself to be lame in my 30's. Consultations and the surgery itself has changed my perspectives on joint health. Appreciate everything you've done for me.

D.W. – 5 years following hip arthroscopy (November 2023)

Delighted with the results, would recommend (and have) UPMC Whitfield and Pat Carton to others. Thanks to all the team

Ferdia B. – 5 years following hip arthroscopy (September 2023)

Would recommend no problem, it was a life changer

R.H. – 5 years following bilateral hip arthroscopy (July 2023)

Best decision I ever made

F.M. – 5 years following bilateral hip arthroscopy (July 2023)

Delighted with having both hips done successfully. I was 30+ having the operations and was able to get back to optimum level and fitness 12 weeks after the operations. The rehab plan was excellent and still use some of the exercises to this day. 6 years on very happy, pain free and still playing

W.H.– 6 years following bilateral hip arthroscopy (April 2023)

Everything in both hips feels 100% and solid.

E.D. – 5 years following bilateral hip arthroscopy (April 2023)

Genuinely delighted with the procedure on my hip. I have gone from daily pain which affected my sporting and working life, to having no pain and hip function and movement has massively improved.

A. Fennell - 7 years post-op (Aug 2021)

I am beyond grateful to Patrick and the team for operating on my hip. I am well on the road to recovery with the original pain gone. The rehabilitation has encouraged me to take up exercise that I didn’t do before. I have my life back free from hip pain and I am so thankful for Mr Cartons amazing skill and caring. I have to mention Caitriona (secretary) - she is so amazing, friendly and helpful. She made visiting the clinic so welcoming.

L.C. – 3 months post-op (Aug 2021)

Efficient, decisive, got the result I was looking for. Thank you!

U.B – 3 months post-op (Aug 2021)

I am delighted with the outcome of the surgery and I am grateful to Mr Carton and the team for relieving my groin/hip pain.

D.H – 3 months post-op (Aug 2021)

Both pre and post-operative care are second to none. Mr Carton is an excellent consultant and explains procedures before and after, very much putting the patient at ease. Would highly recommend.

EO'C – 3 months post-op (July 2021)

Before the operation I was unable to train. Had pain sleeping and driving. Since the operation I have been able to fully return pain free. I have avoided certain exercises while also using gym work to strengthen areas around the hip joint.

SW – 10 years post-op (July 2021)

I would highly rate Mr Carton as a surgeon. He was able to diagnose my condition within minutes of meeting me, something that multiple other consultants from multiple different hospitals were unable to do. I had been unable to walk for over a year when I met Mr Carton and less than 3 months after my first appointment I was fully functional again. All I can say is, thank you so much for giving me my life back.


"Dr Carton got me back to my sport when I felt I would have to deal with pain for the rest of my career. Extremely professional, extremely caring. Best ortho surgeon in Ireland."

J Shine

"Great facilities, excellent care, quick appointment times"

Denis John D.

I first attended Mr Carton back in 2010. He diagnosed my hip impingement and soon after in the very capable hands of Mr Carton and his team I underwent surgery at the Whitfield Clinic. I haven’t looked back since, over the past 10 years I have a full and active life and participate in recreational sport and fitness. Mr Carton and his team took great care of me at the time and provided excellent post-op support. Mr Carton treated me with the up most of respect. A Very hardworking and caring surgeon, a real-gentlemen in every sense of the word.

T Falvey

It is 10 years since my operation. I was having constant groin pain while playing rugby and hamstring issues. I returned to play and never had any groin pain or hamstring problems again. The operation was a tremendous success. Thank you Dr Carton!

R McCarron

The work performed on me by Mr Carton was a game changer for me as it enabled me to get back into the lifestyle I previously had and was looking forward to enjoying in my retirement years. Many thanks Mr Carton.

J Delaney

Excellent service, very thorough and professional staff.


I put up with pain, stiffness and a limp for several years thinking the problem was due to back trouble. Proper diagnosis and surgery/rehab has improved my life immensely.

A Walker

Very successful and a great team who all show great concern for the patient.

Shane M

Absolutely delighted I had my operation. After my recovery period I was able to get back to playing tennis doubles and walk comfortably again. The operation was a great success for me, and I don’t need to take any pain medication.

S Dromgoole

Very professional. Everything is explained clearly to put you at ease. I experienced a great service and results, huge thanks to Dr carton and all staff at Whitfield Clinic.

D Leahy

So Happy with results to date. I trust Mr Carton and his team, and I would not hesitate other surgery going forward.

Y Clarke

I am grateful to Mr Carton and the hip and groin clinic for a successful hip surgery that has allowed me to return to playing sports. The clinic provides a very friendly and courteous service, and I was impressed with the post op review and rehabilitation treatment plans.

F Breathnach

2 years Post Op and I feel better, more flexible and stronger than ever before. To think that in 2018 I struggled to climb stairs post exercise is crazy!

D White

Overall Delighted, has been a great success.

D Quirke

The operation was a huge success in assisting me getting back training at the top level. I was able to train more regularly and my recovery was much quicker.

J Barry

Fantastic treatment and very professional follow up.

D Quinlan

Excellent professional service. Very understanding and flexible, particularly with me travelling from Dublin.

T Crowe

Outcome of surgery was a total success, allowed me to keep training up to today. Staff and nurses were fantastic, very professional and caring.

E O’Neill

"I'm delighted with how my operation went. I did not go back running, it was my choice in the last few years I have done a lot of distance walking, Camino walks in Spain. 140km a week no problem with rucksack. So, pain free and getting on with life"

S Fahey

“I am now almost 43 and I am continuing to play basketball with my local club, and I also compete in many long-distance running and cycling events (adventure races); indeed I would have completed the Paris Marathon (April 2020) but for the coronavirus epidemic”

J O’Shea

"I was very impressed with the care at the time and the follow up care and interest has exceeded my expectation. Thank you!"

J Coady

“10 years on I can safely say I have zero regrets over getting the operation. Prior to the operation I was unable to play any sport without getting hip pain that greatly reduced my ability to perform. Following on from my operation I was able & continue to play sport freely, including playing inter county football for a number of years.”

D Tobin

"I want to say again thanks for the operation. Mentally and physically it was not fun limping so to get rid of the limp and pain I am very, very grateful. Keep up the excellent work"

S Maloney

I was recommended a hip replacement by a different surgeon. Pat got to the root cause of the problem, explained it very well and laid out all possibilities. I had the hip arthroscopy and have had no issues since. Even played another 6 years of football at senior club level. Thank you.

Jason Joyce

Before my hip operation I had severe groin adductor pain stiffness tighness for 6 years no one could find out what was wrong. One visit to dr carton and hip instability and impingement. After 8 mths my hip groin feels great thank you so much.

Marie Hogan

"Prior to surgery I had considered retiring from football as I couldn’t function to the best of my ability any longer given the restrictions I had and the stiffness and the pain I was feeling before and during training/matches. Since surgery my flexibility has greatly improved and pain reduced allowing me to compete at a a level I am capable of"

M.T County Gaelic

"I would highly recommend anyone who feels that this surgery would benefit to trust Dr.Carton. He is excellent in his field of hip intervention and I would trust him with any issues I may have in the future"


"Life changing surgery, can enjoy life well, free to move and do normal things. Definitely the best job I have had done on me!"


"I received excellent care under Mr Carton and his team with a comfortable and efficient stay at the Whitfield clinic"


"A great success which has encourages me to mind myself by taking lots of exercise and generally investing in my health."


"I would just like to send my thanks and to Mr Carton, appreciation finally I am running cramp free since the last operation in December, back competing and won the county championship 4k yesterday no problems, the leg feels great, over the moon, that instability and cramping up has gone, no pain. Just wanted to say thank you feels great to be back running symptom free after so long,"

Kealy Tideswell

"Fantastic clinic with top class care, would definitely recommend to others and if I had to have and operation again I would. Very happy with the service and the outcome."


"Still feels great 5 years on. Have greatly increased my levels of physical activity since the operations + reached a level that would’ve not have possible without the operation."


"Since attending Mr. Carton first back in 2015 I have had nothing but the best of care from himself and all his team at the Whitfield Clinic. Nine months post hip surgery I captained Kildare to an All-Ireland Intermediate football title and since then I have won two All Ireland Club Camogie titles. I’ve no doubt that the care and advice I received from Mr. Carton and everyone at Whitfield Clinic got me back playing to my best and helped me contribute to these wins."

Aisling Holton –

"My experience with Mr Carton and Whitfield was a very positive one. One thing that struck me about Mr Carton was his ability to undertand the worries and questions I had about returning to play at a high level. His understanding of what it meant to me to get back playing made the process easier"

Eoin –

"5 years on and I am very healthy and fit. Have never looked back since the day of my operation. To me it was like a miracle. I went from feeling like an old woman to getting my life back”"

Brenda O’Sullivan –

"I should have had this surgery earlier if I had known the difference this would have made."

E.E. –

"Before this surgery I could not complete a game without being left stiff and in pain for days afterwards. I have managed to return to inter-county hurling and high level of both club hurling and football. More importantly, it vastly improved my quality of life and left me pain free"

R. Sheridan –

"I am delighted with the result of my hip operation. My problem was causing me a lot of back pain. My operation gave me the chance to change direction with sport. Instead of running all the time, I now swim cycle and ski and I also enjoy fishing which is demanding on my hip at times because of the climbing involved."

Sean Fahey –

"My experience at the Hip and Groin Clinic was excellent. Without the surgery I would not be able to run or exercise today. My quality of life has improved immensely."

Julia Walsh –

"Cannot complain. Has been a great success, care during and after has been more than one could ask for."

Sean O’Gorman –

"The amount of movement I have now is fantastic as before the surgeries I struggled to walk."

Elaine Hayes –

"The service and experience are first class. It has been good to know they are still interested in our"

Niall Leahy –

"Surgery staff and facilities were very good. The follow up and after care support was great. I contacted Physio (Shane) a number of times with queries and he was very helpful."

Nicholas Jacob –

"From assessment to follow up the service and procedures are professionally completed and questions and concerns are dealt with promptly and efficiently."

"Pain free and able to enjoy life without limitations or medication!"

Martina H. –

"I feel the experience was good and I got back playing soccer. Before the operation I could not run or play soccer without pain in my groin."

S. Wall –

"I have recommended the clinic to a number of my team mates and friends with some now going to visit the clinic. I have been very happy with the level of care and detail in the post op period."

M. Sheehan –

"Fantastic clinic with top class care, would definitely recommend to others and if I had to have an operation again I would be very happy with the service and the outcome."

Eimear Myles –

"I have highest regards for people in the hip and groin clinic. From first day I was with the consultant to complete follow up care was to highest standards. I could not have been happier with the care I received."

E. Kileen –

"Hip arthroscopy was something I needed to have done and am glad I had it done at the Hip and Groin Clinic. My hip has not prevented me from participating in any activities I wanted to do since the operation"

John Walsh –

"I have had absolutely no pain in my hip or groin since the operation. Thankfully got back playing straight away and have won two All Irelands since my operation"

"Haven’t had any problems with my hip or groin since the op and have played at the highest level since, wouldn’t have been able to do so without my hip op-many thanks"

Richie Power –

"Excellent. Attention to detail was good and the operation and follow up procedures brought me back to a degree of participation in my general life and sport that I thought would never happen."

"Excellent diagnosis of problem – rectified speedily and follow-up plan of physio worked superbly plus regular call back check-ups from clinic were very positive."

James Delaney –

"Feel 100% since I recovered from my surgery. Had a baby in October 2014 and had no issues with my hip during labour or since, so very happy"

Mary Comerford –

"I was very happy with the service and treatment from The Hip and Groin Clinic and I would like to thank them for their help"

Sean Coughlin –

"Mr. Carton is an excellent surgeon/consultant, is a very straight talker and gives detailed excellent explanations. Overall my experience here has been very good."

Gerard Hackett –

"I feel I am extremely fortunate to have had surgery in time to avoid replacement, I have a new lease of life and would recommend this procedure wholeheartedly to suitable candidates."

Alan Moore –

"I feel that the hip surgery has helped me immensely. I now have no pain and am back playing sports in comfort"

Cathal Coughlin –

"After 5 years of struggling with impingement in both my hips, I am completely pain free and have full functionality in both my hips"

Donnacha Cody –

"I had two operations in 2010 and found Mr. Carton and his team very attentive and efficient in patient care both pre-op and post-op"

Martin Lynch –

"Still feels great 5 years on. Have greatly increased my levels of physical activity since the operations and reached a level that would not have been possible without the operation"

D. Tobin –

"The excellent treatment I received and the back-up of research and care taken is outstanding.. Thank you."

"Mr Carton and his team at The Hip and Groin Clinic provide a world class service to his patients. The aftercare is excellent and in all one is made feel as comfortable as possible throughout all aspects of the procedure"

Thomas Falvey –

"I found the experience very straight forward with little fuss. Aftercare was good and would have no problem ringing or emailing if I had questions or any problems regarding my hips. Very satisfactory. "

Gary Laffan –

"I had a good experience here at this clinic, during my two stays staff were very nice. Mr. Carton was very professional throughout & physio was also very attentive and caring."

William Nolan –

"The operation was explained to me fully beforehand, so I knew what to expect. The rehab programme was very thorough and aided my recovery."

Donal Dennehey –

"Since having the operation I have been able to return to a high level of sport and felt comfortable in doing so. I have to play at a consistently high level since having the operation and feel that I can now push myself without any fear."

Shane McGrath –

"I found the whole experience with Mr. Carton very efficient and professional, when I experience soreness and slow progress, Mr. Carton was very clear and explained what to do and to allow time and gave me stretches etc. to help, which worked well. The service was excellent overall."

Gary O’Keeffe –

"I found that at all times I was very well informed as to what I was to do before, during and after my operation. The staff were excellent and as a result I was back playing GAA within 4 months of my second operation."

Shane Fitzgerald –

"I found the service very good from day 1, treated very well, I would come back if I needed to."

Michelle Myler –

"My experience was good, my expectations for the operation and rehab were fulfilled. I’m back playing sport at high level and this is down to this procedure and I have recommended it to fellow players."

Patrick Raftice –

"The understanding of sport amongst doctors and physios greatly aided my recovery in terms of advice and support. Every question/query was answered."

Stephen Cunningham –

"All the staff here have been fantastic. They provide a top class service and I would recommend the staff and clinic to anyone looking for advice in this area"

Sean Tobin –

"Overall very good service provided. Excellent attention to detail. Very professional. Excellent after care."

G. Hoey –

"The Hip and Groin Clinic has really helped me get back to doing what I love, pain free. After my surgery the pain was all but non-existent so far. Anyone who is thinking about the surgery I would definitely recommend it."

Leanne Burke –

"Surgery has brought me back to pre-level injury levels, I was suffering constant pain in my hip and now it is gone!"

Martin Moran –

"I have felt a huge increase in range of motion when playing. No more quad or hamstring tightness"

James Barry –

"Fantastic, exceeded my expectations, life changing. Lost 22lbs in weight, health improved dramatically. Thank you Mr. Carton so much, thanks"

Gary Ring –

"I am very pleased with the result of surgery and it has allowed me to engage in everyday activities with confidence knowing that I won’t be in pain following my involvement with same. The last 3 months have been particularly noticeable of a pain free, limp free world!"

Fidelma O’Rourke –

"Very happy with results after surgery, pain in hips and back are minimal and I now have a lot more movement in hip joints. Great treatment from start to finish."

Colm Hayes –

"After having 2 hip arthroscopies I would highly recommend Whitfield Clinic and in particular Mr Patrick Carton. The operations have helped me in my hurling career enabling me to be pain free post training and matches. A special word of thanks to all the staff at Whitfield for their professionalism and kindness."

Sean Tobin –

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